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Verbena Essential Cleansing Cream

Verbena Essential Cleansing Cream

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[Main components]
Water, propylene, glycol, glycerin, polymlycerine blycerin, argania spinosa, verbea, beta-glucan, triethanolamine, hydroxybenzy, rosmarinus, sodium hyaluronic
[Product efficacy]
Rosemary verbenone organic gel contains verbenone to soothe the skin. May also promote skin metabolism, improve acne, shrink pores and tighten skin
[Skin types] suitable for various skin types
Methods of use
1. As a face cream
After lining your face, apply a uniform amount in layers on your face and massage lightly until the cream is completely absorbed
2. As a face mask
Apply a thick coating on your face and cleanse after 15 minutes


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